Premium Ultracap Modules

Ultracap Premium Modules

The X-series modules from the manufacturer CAP-XX are based on the proven 60mm cells and offer unsurpassed performance and durability in demanding applications such as construction machinery, trucks, military and marine applications. The enclosures are rated to IP-67. Shock and vibration certifications are available for all transport applications. The prerequisite for years of maintenance-free operation.

Advantages of the Premium Modules (X-Series, CAP-XX)

  • Scalable form factor
  • High power density
  • Digital / analogue communication or CAN (optional)
  • High voltage range with
    Hi-Pot up to 5,000V
  • Rack mounting with standard racks
  • Integrated thermal manage­ment (housing = heat sink)
    with optional liquid cooling
  • Electrically insulating front panels
  • IP 67

The intelligent arrange­ment of the cells allows for a very compact design and flexible configu­ration in 19" cabinets. We offer a variety of high-efficiency modules ranging from 16 volts to 128 volts, allowing hundreds of thousands to over a million charge-discharge cycles with minimal perfor­mance changes over the life of the product. For seam­less system integration, our modules are also available with various equali­sation or balancing methods and com­munication options.

A single 22-module design allows customers to customise capacity and voltage to suit the appli­cation with their own confi­guration. Various options (analogue/digital/CAN; liquid cooling) are available (please enquire directly), which are coded in the data sheet under the part number.


Dokumenttyp Hersteller Bezeichnung Datei
Datasheet CAP-XX CAPMOD Premium SUPERCAP Module Serie 12V - 128V PDF 643.6 Kb
Datasheet TAEJIN LM2575 | 1A 52KHz | Step-Down Switching Regulator PDF 408.1 Kb
Datasheet CAP-XX Ultracap Premium Modules | 16V - 128V | Overview 06-23 - CAPCOMP range PDF 182.9 Kb


Who can place an Order with us?

All those who have registered a trade. We supply to large customers as well as medium-sized companies, small busi­nesses and engineering offices. Schools, colleges, univer­sities and public institu­tions are also provided with technical advice and supplies. Depen­ding on the purchase quantity and product, we grant staggered prices that can vary on a daily basis. Ask us for an indivi­dual offer.

Do I have to order online in the shop?

No, you are also welcome to request an individual offer. The ordering option at is particularly suitable for smaller quantities. The WEBSHOP is to be understood as an additional service offer where you can get a quick overview of availability, delivery times and prices. Furthermore, with its filter and search function, the shop also offers a quick overview of the different variants, designs, voltages, currents. Our stock in Freiberg am Neckar (South West of Germany) is well stocked for the common types. Provided that our suppliers accept it, special solutions are also offered here. In this case, we recommend that you ask us about delivery times.

What can you expect from CAPCOMP?

Competitive, fair pricing and clear communication are our top priorities. We thrive on long-term customer relationships. That is why we take great care to answer your questions and concerns in a professional and impeccable manner. The quality of CAPCOMP's advice and sales performance is highly valued by our industrial customers. Your success is our success.

Where can I get current certificates from the manufacturers?

You can obtain the current certificates of the manufacturers directly on request via our info form. Due to the enormous amount and variety of product and company certificates, we do not want to make your selection unnecessarily difficult. Simply let us know which documents for which manufacturer and/or product you require. We will send you the requested documents directly.


QS/QM, Health & Safety, Certificates of Conformity, Compliance and Environmental Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • UK Conformity
  • CE Conformity
  • EU RoHS
  • SDS Safety Data
  • CRRC
  • Halogen Free
  • et al
Why are components like ultracaps called different names?

The variety of terms is explained by the English-language terms commonly used in the electronics industry, which are often mixed with German terms or used synonymously. In some cases, manufacturers have also introduced artificial terms to better distinguish themselves from competitors. Here are the most important examples:

Double layer capacitors (DSK) are referred to synonymously as:

  • EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)
  • Supercapacitors = Supercaps
  • Ultracapacitors = Ultracaps
  • Goldcap™ [Panasonic]
  • Boostcap™  [Maxwell]
  • Greencap™  [Samwha]
  • PURIXEL™  [Pureechem] for supercap cells
  • PURETRON™  [Pureechem] for supercap modules

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