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The definition of electromagnetic compatibility according to the European EMC Directive states that a device, equipment or system should be able to function satis­factorily in the electro­magnetic environ­ment without causing electro­magnetic distur­bances which would be unac­ceptable to other devices, equip­ment or systems in that environ­ment. Appropriate tech­nical measures must be taken to avoid these unde­sirable effects.

The manufacturer HIGH & LOW offers a wide range of filter compo­nents tailored to the various appli­cations and solving the most common problems. The products shown on our website represent only a small selection from our extensive range. Please ask us if you have special technical requirements.

Specs & Datasheets

For higher powers, chokes can be used as filters, which we will be happy to design and procure for you. For this we need infor­mation such as current, voltage, frequency, area of application, size. Please call us to discuss further details.

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Dokumenttyp Hersteller Bezeichnung Datei
Catalogue HIGH+LOW HIGH&LOW Product Catalog PDF 4.2 Mb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW IEC/EMI INLET FILTER | C14 General Purpose | Screw | 10A 250VAC PDF 165.0 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW IEC/EMI INLET FILTER | Industrial ITE | C14 General Purpose | Snap-In PDF 163.1 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW IEC/EMI INLET FILTER | Medical | C14 General Purpose | Screw PDF 162.0 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW IEC/EMI INLET FILTER | Medical | C14 General Purpose | Snap-In PDF 160.0 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW PCB FILTER | SIP | General Purpose with through-hole connection | 1A-10A PDF 110.7 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW POWER ENTRY MODULE | Inlet Socket + Fuse Holder + Power Rocker Switch | Screw mount horizontal | Medical | 10A 250VAC PDF 195.9 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW POWER ENTRY MODULE | Socket + Fuse Holder | 10A 250VAC PDF 182.6 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW POWER ENTRY MODULE | Socket+Fuse Holder + Switch | Screw | 10A 250VAC PDF 198.3 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | General Purpose Type A | 1A-30A PDF 219.0 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | General Purpose Type A | Medical | 1A-30A PDF 222.1 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | General Purpose Type C | Medical | 6A-30A PDF 210.4 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | High Performance Type C | 1A-20A PDF 241.3 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | High Performance Type C | Medical | 1A-20A PDF 237.7 Kb
Datasheet HIGH+LOW SINGLE PHASE FILTER | two-stage EMI/FRI for high noise environment | 10A 250VAC PDF 241.3 Kb

Filter & Choke Typen

EMI filter industry standard / medical technology standard

EMC / EMI Filters
Medical Technology - Standard

  • IEC Input Filters Medical
    Types: Screw/Snap-In C14/C20
    Series: General / High Perfor­mance / Excel­lent Perfor­mance / Ultra Perfor­mance
  • Power Supply­Module Medical
    Double Fuse - without Switch
  • Single Phase Filters Medical
IEC Input Filter

IEC Input Filters
Industry Standart / ITE

  • Fast-on terminals, no ground choke, integrated resistor
  • Types: Screw / Snap-In

Power Feed Modules
Industry Standard / ITE

  • Single Suse - without Switch
  • Single Fuse - with Switch

PCB Filters

  • Printfilters on PCBs
  • Standard Types: SIP / DIP
  • High Performance Types: DIP
Single Phase Filter

Single Phase EMI Line Filters

  • Specification for Different Power Classes
  • 1~20A | A type
  • 10~30A | B type
  • 6~30A | C type
  • 10~30A | G type
  • 1~30A | CNAC type
  • 1~30A | DIN-Rail | CNAC type
3 Phase Power Line EMI Filters

3 Phase Power Line EMI Filters

  • 3-Phase Filters without / with neutral conductor
  • 1~20A | A type
  • 10~30A | B type
  • 6~30A | C type
  • 10~30A | G type
  • 1~30A | CNAC type
  • 1~30A | DIN-Rail | CNAC type
Flat Wire Power Line Chokes

Flat Wire Power Line Chokes


  • High Frequency Storage Chokes
  • Customized Pq Core High Frequency Storage Chokes
  • SMD Flat Wire High Current Line Chokes
  • Flat Wire Pq Core High Current Line Chokes for DC-DC Converters
  • PQ Type Flat Wire Line Choke (Flat Winding)


  • Flat wire winding, magnetically shielded (closed magnetic circuit)
  • Low DC resistance (DCR)
  • Lower AC resistance (losses caused by skin effects)
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • For high power inductors and applications with high inductance density
  • High saturation current
  • Low ripple noise
  • Best EMI effects


Common Mode Chokes

Common Mode Chokes
Current Compensated Chokes


  • SMD Toroidal Ferrite Core
  • 3-phase, horizontal, ferrite core


  • Connection types: vertical, horizon­tal, SMD, bare moun
  • High permeability MnZn ferrite or nano­crystalline core material
  • 0.3A - 50A
  • Applications up to 760 VAC
  • Clearance and creepage dis­tances ≥ 7 mm
  • Attenuation up to 60 dB
  • Attenuation frequency range: 1 kHz to 20 MHz depen­ding on core material used
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +125 °C


Flat wire technology in power electronics

For design reasons, power electronics modules and commu­nication ele­ments are often very close to each other in modern electrical devices. In auto­motive elec­tronics, we know only too well EMC problems that arise as a result of this spatial proximity of data lines and power assemblies. Conse­quently, difficulties with electro­magnetic compa­tibility are best solved at the source, i.e. at the transformers.

Clean signals through flat-wire technology

Switching power supplies use ever higher frequencies to realise efficient voltage supplies with modern GAN FETs (gallium nitride field-effect tran­sistors; see also Elektronik Praxis under the keyword "gan fet"). The probability of inter­ference signals increases. Malfunctions in digital data streams are the result. A well-functioning solution is the use of flat wire technology.

Flat wire vs round wire

The flat wire can

  • disperse the electric field evenly,
  • minimise the parasitic capacitance and thus achieve
  • the best EMI effect at the source.

Problems with electromagnetic compa­tibility are thus minimised.

Winding goods with flat wire:
Advantages over enamelled round wire windings

  1. The flat wire can disperse the electric field evenly, mini­mise the para­sitic capacitance and thus achieve the best EMC effect already at the source. The problem of electro­magne­tic compa­tibility is thus minimised.

  2. The flat wire avoids the proximity effect so that its cross­section can be used 100%. (=no increase in ohmic resistance for alter­nating current).

  3. Flat cables are ideal for high power appli­cations. In high power coil designs, round enamelled wires have no advantage.

  4. Flat wire saves space and is also advan­tageous for auto­mated production. The flat wire has excel­lent heat dissi­pation and is suitable for appli­cations with high power and high inductance density.

  5. The flat wire winding achieves a very low DCR, a closed magnetic circuit and extremely low total noise.
Temperature development: flat wire winding vs. round wire winding
Lower temperatures with flat wire winding


Who can place an Order with us?

All those who have registered a trade. We supply to large customers as well as medium-sized companies, small busi­nesses and engineering offices. Schools, colleges, univer­sities and public institu­tions are also provided with technical advice and supplies. Depen­ding on the purchase quantity and product, we grant staggered prices that can vary on a daily basis. Ask us for an indivi­dual offer.

Do I have to order online in the shop?

No, you are also welcome to request an individual offer. The ordering option at shop24.capcomp.de is particularly suitable for smaller quantities. The WEBSHOP is to be understood as an additional service offer where you can get a quick overview of availability, delivery times and prices. Furthermore, with its filter and search function, the shop also offers a quick overview of the different variants, designs, voltages, currents. Our stock in Freiberg am Neckar (South West of Germany) is well stocked for the common types. Provided that our suppliers accept it, special solutions are also offered here. In this case, we recommend that you ask us about delivery times.

What can you expect from CAPCOMP?

Competitive, fair pricing and clear communication are our top priorities. We thrive on long-term customer relationships. That is why we take great care to answer your questions and concerns in a professional and impeccable manner. The quality of CAPCOMP's advice and sales performance is highly valued by our industrial customers. Your success is our success.

Where can I get current certificates from the manufacturers?

You can obtain the current certificates of the manufacturers directly on request via our info form. Due to the enormous amount and variety of product and company certificates, we do not want to make your selection unnecessarily difficult. Simply let us know which documents for which manufacturer and/or product you require. We will send you the requested documents directly.


QS/QM, Health & Safety, Certificates of Conformity, Compliance and Environmental Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • UK Conformity
  • CE Conformity
  • EU RoHS
  • SDS Safety Data
  • CRRC
  • Halogen Free
  • et al
Why are components like ultracaps called different names?

The variety of terms is explained by the English-language terms commonly used in the electronics industry, which are often mixed with German terms or used synonymously. In some cases, manufacturers have also introduced artificial terms to better distinguish themselves from competitors. Here are the most important examples:

Double layer capacitors (DSK) are referred to synonymously as:

  • EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)
  • Supercapacitors = Supercaps
  • Ultracapacitors = Ultracaps
  • Goldcap™ [Panasonic]
  • Boostcap™  [Maxwell]
  • Greencap™  [Samwha]
  • PURIXEL™  [Pureechem] for supercap cells
  • PURETRON™  [Pureechem] for supercap modules

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